Participating in a Special Network Training on the Improvement of Informatization Teaching Ability Recently

In nearly three months since June, I participated in a special online training on the improvement of informatization teaching ability of colleges and universities. It aimed to combine the online teaching practice during COVID-19 epidemics to further promote the development of education informatization in the new era and improve the ability to deeply integrate information technology with education and teaching on college teachers. The teaching platform for online training was China E-learning Academy for Education Leadership and Administration. The training notice was here “Notice on Organizing and Carrying out Special Network Training on the Improvement of Informatization Teaching Ability of College Teachers“.

The training content was to watch teaching videos online, participate in two theme seminars, and finally write the training results. The teaching video involved vivid content, including six modules of informatization teaching introduction, informatization teaching practice, informatization teaching design, informatization teaching evaluation, informatization curriculum development and information security protection. Numerous college education and teaching workers introduced their many informatization teaching practices and experiences which were worth learning and referring.

I carefully watched all the teaching videos, completed online seminars actively, and wrote the final learning experience combined with my own teaching practice, especially the online teaching experience last semester. I completed the learning task of 25 hours, and obtained the electronic certificate which was a proof of study hours.