Sharing of Special Practice on Online Teaching

I have used the Superstar network teaching platform to carry out teaching activities since two years ago. At the beginning, I only used it as a means of assisting classroom teaching. I started classroom activities in real time on mobile phone learning app, so as to facilitate timely understanding and grasp classroom attendance and learning effect of the students. I did not record lecture videos.

Management Statistics this semester was the first batch of online teaching courses. After lecture videos were recorded in advance, students could learn online during the class time arranged by the Academic Affairs Office. In the online learning time, in addition to allowing students to learn videos by themselves, necessary classroom interaction was also indispensable. According to my previous experience in classroom auxiliary teaching, I classified some of the question banks entered in advance according to chapters, and initiated different forms of sign-in activities, questionnaire surveys on the mastery of the prerequisite courses, one-section learning quizzes, quizzes for each chapter, and other classroom interactions. Homework was assigned for the previous chapter that had been completed before class. Students were required to submit them online according to the time schedule. In the selection of question types, I tried to choose objective questions with standard answers such as single-choice questions and fill-in-the-blank questions to facilitate students to answer them online. After the answers were submitted, the results could be automatically given, which also reduced review workload on teachers.

These are the special practice on teaching methods currently used in the online teaching process in combination with the functions of the Superstar platform for reference.