Method on Setting Multiple Domain Names to The Same Blog Space

Recently, I applied for one year of free domain names according to the related blog posts of “Big Bird Blog”  (referring to “dynadot免费me域名申请 – 让你再多一个吃灰的域名“), and applied for a permanent free web hosting space (referring to “illyhosting – 申请永久免费科索沃PHP/MYSQL虚拟主机“). I started to bind the new domain name to the virtual hosting space, installed the WordPress plugin, and backed up all the blog posts published before on my blog. So I have my own homepage space. In fact,’s blog is also very good. There will be some advertisements. If users comment, the registration page is more troublesome. Of course, the blog posts will be updated in both places in the future.

最近参照“大鸟博客”的相关博文依次申请了一年免费的域名(参考“dynadot免费me域名申请 – 让你再多一个吃灰的域名”),申请了永久免费的虚拟主机空间(参考“illyhosting – 申请永久免费科索沃PHP/MYSQL虚拟主机”),就开始将新的域名绑定至该虚拟主机空间,安装WordPress插件,将我的WordPress.com的博客之前发布的所有博文全部备份过来,如此以来我便也拥有了自己的主页空间。其实WordPress.com的博客也很不错,就是会有一些广告,用户评论的话注册页比较麻烦,当然未来两处都会同步更新博文的。

However, the above free domain name has only one year of free use, and then I applied for a new free domain name, which can be applied on Freenom. A one-year free domain name is said to continue to apply for free renewal after one year. Finally, I referred to the blog post “WordPress多域名设置” which introduced the method to achieve binding the second domain name to this blog space.

不过上述免费域名只有一年的免费使用期,接着我便再申请了一个新的免费域名,可在Freenom 上申请,目前只能申请到一年的免费域名,据称一年后可以继续申请免费续订。最后参照博文“WordPress多域名设置”介绍的方法实现了将第二个域名绑定到本博客空间。

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