Related Office 365 Development Work Around OneDrive

As early as 2018, the OneDrive network storage space has been used. I had registered the account by the school’s mailbox with 5TB of space and it has been used for a long time. It has been used as the main synchronized network disk. Recently, I launched the related Office 365 development work around OneDrive, and attained quite a large benefit. Next, I will summarize it as follows.

I joined a QQ group related to Office 365 two months ago, and also got a lot of relevant information. Then I also carefully read the relevant technical documents written in some personal blogs, and then I did a part of the entry-level development work.

Firstly, I applied for several different levels of Office 365 accounts, such as A1, A1P, A3, and E3 sub-accounts, and also tried to apply for an E5 developer account, which is valid for 90 days. But it can be renewed after completing the development work. So I tried to do some simple development work. For example, I tried to operate the E5 automatic subscription program, referring to “E5 Automatic Subscription Program“. I Tried to operate the E5 automatic renewal robot. For the detailed process, please refer to “E5SubBot-Office365 E5 Automatic Renewal Robot (with Pagoda Panel Simple Setup Tutorial)“.

Then I began to focus on the “Big Bird Blog” referenced above, and found that many technical documents are written in great detail, and it is not difficult to follow the operation. As an entry-level rookie, I just tried to learn how to carry out related development work without the need for servers and domain names. For example, I tried to use to define the OneDrive directory list for free, referring to “ Free Custom Directory List Service-automatically Push Files to CDN for Accelerated Access“. I tried to use Cloudflare Workers to build the OneDrive program for free. For detailed procedures, please refer to “Cloudflare Workers Deploy FODI-A OneDrive List Program“.

Finally, I used Cloudflare Workers to build a free navigation site. For the detailed process, please refer to “You Can Use Cloudflare Worker to Build a Free Navigation Site without VPS and Domain Name“.

The following is the navigation website I built:


Which has listed the entrance of the above OneDrive network list:



In the future, related documents that need to be published and shared will be uploaded to the OneDrive network mentioned above which can be downloaded by direct link. Welcome to visit us.