Carrying out Online Teaching in All Directions, All Processes at Multiple Levels

Management Statistics is a professional basic course for management science and engineering. General statistical theories and methods are included such as data collection and collation, data feature description, parameter estimation, hypothesis testing,correlation and regression analysis. Operation experiments are the operation methods and processes implemented on SPSS by commonly used statistical analysis methods.

During the coronavirus-19 pandemic period, the course is taught on the Superstar network teaching platform. Teachers and students go online synchronously, making full use of the advantages and rich functions of the platform to complete the corresponding teaching activities. Corresponding supporting materials should be provided for certification. Students have a high rate of arrivals and high participation rates in online learning. They have good academic performance and show good learning results.

The curriculum system takes a long time in the early stage of construction, but it will save time and effort when used later. All-direction teaching is reflected in the focus on classroom interaction, good teaching organization and management, and every time the class is released on time. Sign-in activities are guaranteed to ensure that all students are online. All-process teaching is reflected in the student-centered and teacher-led design of online teaching, with the design of the use of a single device to listen to the PPT, which is actually prepared for classroom test interactive design. Multi-level teaching is reflected in student learning which is provided with rich reference materials, question bank resources and video analysis of homework assignments, detailed demonstration operations for the analysis of software tools in statistical cases, and the smooth development of teaching processes such as in- and out-of-class tests, assignments, and class preparation and review.

At present, online teaching has been conducted for nine weeks, and various teaching tasks have been successfully completed. During the learning process, most students can maintain a high level of enthusiasm and can ask questions when encountering unclear questions. However, online teaching requires high self-discipline and requires students to spend more time. It can be seen that videos, chapter quiz, homework, and communication with students are beneficial, but there are also some students who are lagging in learning progress and lack of motivation and initiative.

In the process of online communication, although the teacher and each student are in different spaces, they can still deeply feel the students’ desire for knowledge at both ends of the screen. The novel teaching method makes it easier for teachers and students on heart to heart communication, almost forgeting the difference in space during the class. Online teaching is a new challenge and opportunity for teachers’ teaching and students’ learning. The teaching path can only be implemented by every teacher with diligence.