Something Happened Which I Feel It Important

One day last month, I got some useful information and suggestion about my ideas from one whom I saw last time in Shanghai on May 28th. I felt it important for me which I had not thought about before. After considering this important item, I should think it over in a deeper and broader aspect of view and I even feel it impossible and unsuitable for me which is only a day dream. Why I have such ideas? I began to doubt myself and the key point is that whether I am the person who can deal with the prominent and prosperous project. Most of the relatives think I still take the profession of one stable and simple personal interaction environment. I still think I should at least give myself a chance to have a try even it is only a day dream, but I always feel it a dream for me that I’d like to strive for. Till now I’m insisting on my ideas after my deeper thought about them.

Last week I attended one furniture exhibition in Shanghai which was the 15th China International Furniture Fair at Shanghai New International Exhibition Center from September 9th to 12th. The company cooperated with our lab rent a dependent exhibition hall which was the largest exhibition position among all the exhibition dealers. I went there on the second day with some designers working in our lab. We visited most of the exhibition halls and saw many various new and fashionable products, among which I concentrated on chairs I am familiar with and also concerned with. The company cooperated with us took its mean product — dual-back chair and made a large propagation on its healthy idea. You can get the information about dual-chair in detail from some other websites after searching by the engine. It might be a good selling point, but it has been promoted for several years. Many people have not seen it before especially in China. But what I say here is that the patent of such a chair is not owned by Mainland China. One German first brought about the idea and the initial patents of the chair were applied in Germany. But the following innovative patents were owned by Korea and Taiwan. Both of the two places put their products in Mainland China. I think it must be a great idea in chair including office chair, leisure chair and some other kinds of chairs. And we also saw it from the fair with many customers concerning about it. From this fair I think that healthy concept will be accepted and passively concerned by more and more people. So I think that healthy industry must be a large and prosperous industry which we can get a large profit from. This is just consistent with my ideas!


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