Two Good Sports Databases In EBSCOhost

Recently I find two sub-databases in EBSCOhost database. They are SPORTDiscus™ and Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine Source™, two good sports databases. But there are not all the schools who subscribe EBSCOhost own these two sub-databases. Each sub-database should be subscribed respectively. Firstly I will cite the introduction of the two sub-databases on official webs. Secondly, I will list a few accounts that have the access to these two sub-databases. I do not ensure these accounts always valid, but now when I write this entry, they work well. I will continue to update or add some if one or more do not work.

SPORTDiscus™ with Full Text is the world’s most comprehensive source of full text for sports & sports medicine journals, providing full text for more than 490 journals indexed in SPORTDiscus. Of those, 337 are not found with full text in any version of Academic Search™, Health Source® or Biomedical Reference Collection™.

This authoritative file contains full text for many of the most used journals in the SPORTDiscus index – with no embargo. With full-text coverage dating back to 1985, SPORTDiscus with Full Text is the definitive research tool for all areas of sports & sports medicine literature.

Here is the brief introduction of SPORTDiscus™ with Full Text:

SPORTDiscus with Full Text(运动科学全文数据库),是目前唯一收录全球运动信息的全文数据库。 涵盖运动医学保健、运动生理学、生物力学、训练、心理学、体能教育、运动科学、舞蹈、休闲娱乐等学科。 内容涵盖国际间和运动、健康有关的各类期刊文献、会议记录、研究报告、专书、学位论文,以及美国奥瑞冈大学“International Institute for Sports and Human Performance”所收藏的7000多种微缩数据,其内容涵盖了40多年在健康、体能教育、休闲娱乐、运动科学方面的研究。 收录年限及范围:包括逾2000种期刊文献、会议记录、研究报告、专书、学位论文等之书目资料来源和摘要,收录年限最早回溯至1800年。

Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine Source™ provides indexing for nearly 200 sports medicine and rehabilitation journals.

Designed for rehabilitation clinicians in a hospital setting, the database contains over 174,000 records dating back to 1963. Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine Source includes access to over 170 full-text scholarly titles in the discipline, such as Journal of Rehabilitation. Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine Source covers such domains as orthopedics, physiology, nutrition, sports exercise, and physical therapy.

Cited references are searchable from over 90 journals. The database also contains access to the full text for 20 book titles in this area, as well as select trade publications and magazines. Most journals are available in full text.

Here is the brief introduction of Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine Source™:

Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine Source(康复与运动医学全文数据库)提供超过200种运动医学及康复科学期刊之索引摘要。为医院临床康复工作者设计,Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine Source包含自1963年以来超过139,000笔纪录。Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine Source 涵盖超过170种学术期刊,如:Journal of RehabilitationRehabilitation & Sports Medicine Source 收录领域包括:骨科(orthopedics)、生理学(physiology)、营养学(nutrition)、运动(sports exercise)以及物理治疗(physical therapy)。收录20种康复相关全文书籍、以及精选期刊、贸易出版品与杂志之全文,超过90种期刊提供引文查找功能。

SPORTDiscus with Full Text

Account 1:

Username: s7984883

Password: password


Account 2:

Username: s5485855

Password: password


Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine Source

Username: s1780957

Password: ukmlib



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