One Essay I Have Modified

My comments on the gender bias or gender inequality in today’s society

Here the gender bias is most about women biasbecause in today’s society, women get more gender bias than men. This is patterned by both heredity and culture. In many people’s opinion, women are not as strong as men, and they also think women don’t have much knowledge or ability to do things well. These opinions maybe true in the past. In modern society, women do not stay at home any more. They step into society and work to support their families. But there still bias against women. Many companies still think of men first when some things come and give important jobs to men. Women just do something easily, while their ability is not believed. The gender bias still exists in many areas.

In my opinion, males and females should not be treated differently. Today’s women are not the women used to be; they have rich knowledge and strong ability. They also can do the masculine works. In some areas, they may even do better than men. What’s more, men may be biased in these areas. That’s funny!

In brief, the gender bias or gender inequality in today’s society is out of keeping with the times. We should treat males and females equality. Then we will have a harmonious world with men and women living happily!


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