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The influence of science and technology on traditional culture

No matter how conservative you are, you will find your life is changing gradually with the rapid development of science and technology. While many of us are enjoying the conveniences that are brought to our daily lives, only some aspects of traditional culture being lost,  some people, especially some pessimists start to worry that traditional culture will be replaced totally by the modern science and technology, such as computers and the Internet. I do believe that modern science and technology are improvements and the off-spring of traditional culture and technology. However, the old merits should never diminish.

Innovations such as computers and the Internet help us to find more practical ways to preserve our traditional culture and technology. Take e-cards as an example: By sending e-card during festivals, people could save a great amount of money instead of buying the paper-based cards and stamps. We no longer have to plan weeks ahead and worry whether these cards would arrive on time, e-cards could pass our wishes in seconds, and moreover, this simple way could also prevent millions of trees from being cut down for making paper cards. E-cards functions the same as traditional paper cards by sending our goodwill and wishes. Modern technology, at this point, assists our traditions in finding a better way of existing in modern life.

On the other hand, with the increasingly wide use of modern technology, people tend to rely more on modern tools. Unduly relying on these tools might also cause negligence of traditional culture and technology in some aspects. Some children and adolescents are most vulnerable to the influences of these high technologies. Some spend hours on line making friends with strangers or playing games. However, the ability of chatting on line can never replace the interpersonal skills of face-to-face communication, and playing with digital figures can never replace the social skills that are required in social life.

Admittedly, the overwhelming science and technology development is changing our lives astonishingly. But these developments should work to support the traditional culture and technology rather than replace them. Scientists and sociologists should work together to enhance the advantages of modern developments and control the abuse of modern tools.



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