Attending An Academic Symposium Last Saturday

Last Saturday we at school went to attend an academic symposium with several lectures, holding by rehabilitation technical office of Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital. This symposium was held in a meeting room in No 2 building of the hospital. Let me first make a brief introduction of the hospital.

Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital is a modern tertiary care teaching hospital established in 1994, through the generous financial contributions of Sir Run Run Shaw, a well-known Hong Kong businessman and philanthropist along with matching funds from Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government. Through its affiliation with Loma Linda University (USA), SRRSH strives to maintain international standards of quality medical care. Loma Linda University consultants assist local administrators to make SRRSH excel in management, medical education and staff training.

We six went there by bus at about 8, which was the rush time with many difficulties in calling a taxi. We got there about 45 minutes later. Waiting for a while, we went to the meeting room and made some preparations. At about 9:15, the symposium began. The host introduced the three experts who are the tops of the field in mainland China and would give lectures at the meeting. I recorded the whole meeting and felt that the fist speaker was an excellent professor who made the lecture interesting with his humorous language and vivid images to attract our attention. This expert is a professor in Nanjing Medical University and at the end of his lecture he announced a notice that The 1st Asia Pacific Rehabilitation Conference would be held in Nanjing, on May 16-19, 2008. This will be a great gathering of the famous people and experts in this field.

The great character of the meeting was that we invited the representatives of the enterprise to attend, who were the leaders and technicians of ORIENT Fitness & Health Industry Co., Ltd. In that afternoon, the CEO of the company Mister Guo gave us an introduction of their company and expressed their hope to enter into the field of rehabilitation. Then one technician said something about their plan and the first step, hoping us seated to give some suggestions about their specific product specification. Of course, many suggestions were brought about and these were important in their next step to go into this field.

The one-day meeting at last ended at about 4:30 PM and we students again went back school by bus. Of course, this is a useful meeting and I feel it a great promotion to my medical knowledge especially in Biomechanics.


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