Psychological Rescue In Earthquake Disaster

Psychology intervening in calamity accident rescue might be an important aspect in earthquake rescue, especially in some special stages of an after-earthquake period. Today comes to the ninth day after the earthquake and it might be the second stage and many survivors in the earthquake should be treated.

According to the report, a psychological counseling team arrived in China‘s quake-hit area on Thursday to help quake victims and rescue workers towards recovery. Of course, there have been some relative researches after some previous earthquakes especially the research on the social recovery and social behaviour in Tangshan earthquake area. A statistic arrangement to the 2000 questionnaires on seismically social problems had been made and the relevant contents about earthquake-caused psychological traumas had been sorted out. The survivors in the earthquake together with the victims need psychological rescue. Meanwhile, psychological distress with psychological factors in rescue workers within two months after a major earthquake is also another problem we should concern.

But is it the urgent time that the affected people should need psychological rescue? I saw a piece of news on QQ news page: “灾区心理治疗无人应诊 心理救助时机起分歧”. From the report, you can see that although some medical teams of psychological counseling came to the central places of victims of the earthquake, few people went to see the doctor initiatively. Many general Chinese people do not know it well and they do not accept it initiatively. So “soul comfort” might be a more efficient method. And the fact proved it. Doctors might go deep into the people and give them confidence and console to have the courage to continue to live. “But soul comfort is only a console which is not a real treatment.” A deputy director doctor of psychological department said.



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