Uploading Some Mechanical Resources I Mentioned Before

I remember I have written an entry about some hydraulic pressure resources that I possess. That entry is “我手头还有的一些液压专业资料清单”.The fifth, and the last, I upload some mechanical resources I mentioned in that entry. After that, I uploaded all the resources I want to upload and finished the whole work. Concerning the copyright of some relative software mentioned in that entry, I could not upload them into the public space to let anyone download. Of course, if you need them, you can easily download them from the Internet on some FTP stations within the educational web or by some useful tools such as Emule or Thunder. Each time when I upload some of them, I might update that entry and add the link to the new entry where you can download them. 

Here is the content of the mechanical resources. If you need any of them, you can download them from the following folder link. Because there are many folders and files in the following folder, I only list the folder at the top which includes all the resources in it or in the sub folders. Clicking the link and then you can enter a new page in which you can see all the sub folders and files there.


Thank you for your visit to my Live Spaces and may these materials useful to you and a happy trip here!


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