My Understanding of “Dynamic Adaptive Backrest” in Car Seat

I think “Dynamic Adaptive Backrest” is an adaptive backrest design suitable for active motion in static application scenarios of office chairs, so that the backrest can always maintain a better fit with the human body. Dual-back chair is a typical case.

Because the application scene of car seat is in a dynamic vibration environment, the backrest has vibration displacement in different directions. It is indeed unreasonable to directly apply the design of the above office seat, and it is difficult to meet the requirements of dynamic comfort. After consulting the literature, I think that in order to improve the design of the existing car seat backrest to realize the human body fit function of “Dynamic Adaptive Backrest”, it is necessary to change the motion mode of the movable backrest to synchronize with the displacement in different directions during the vibration process. It is possible to achieve. The existing car seat backrest itself takes into account the cushioning design of vibration and energy absorption. The design can be further improved on this basis, so that the cushioning device can not only achieve the purpose of energy absorption, but also realize the synchronous displacement of vibration. It adopts the installation of multiple airbags in the backrest, which collect the vibration displacement of the human-chair backrest interface in real time, control the air pump, and adjust the air pressure in the airbag. So that the airbag perfectly fits the contour of the human-chair backrest interface, and can maintain a better fit under the vibration environment to increase dynamic comfort of the backrest.