Start Preparing for Graduation Design Topics for The New Year

At this time each year, we must start to prepare for graduation design topics for students who will graduate next year. With reference to previous years, students freely choose their graduation design instructors, and then further adjustments will be made later. Since the college began to implement the tutorial system, most students have chosen their own tutor when choosing an instructor under no special circumstances. Of course, there are exceptions. For example, my research direction is still unpopular in the department, so I will naturally choose fewer students.

At the same time, I also begin to prepare for topics on the graduation project. The topics can be prepared by the instructor, or students can make their own propositions, and the teacher can check and realize two-way topic selection. Also, in the previous blog post “Experience of Tutorial Students Participating in Research Training Program”, it was mentioned that in terms of topic selection for graduation design, considering that some students have gone through scientific research training before who have accumulated some relevant skills and experience, they continued to improve the original topic selection on the original basis which could reflect the typical research topic selection inheritance and continuity.

Based on the current research direction and subject content, I also initially made a list of topics.

1. Topics on virtual simulation for Ergonomic design

(1) Modeling and improved design of musical rocking chair based on Pro/E

(2) Modeling and simulation design of new foldable dining chair/bar chair based on Pro/E

(3) Other household products for Ergonomic design

2. Topics on mechanical structure design of experimental equipment for rehabilitation

(1) Research on methods and equipment for cervical spine stability evaluation

(2) Research on methods and equipment for lumbar stability evaluation

(3) Design of automatic detection device for classic falling ball experiment

(4) Design of experimental device for sudden imbalance of lower limbs

3. Topics on Ergonomic research direction of upper limb support

(1) Ergonomic research and development of hand support for laptop

(2) Ergonomic research and development of hand support for desktop

(3) Ergonomic research and development of hand support for tablet

4. Topics on the research direction of chronic neck pain and fatigue mechanism of “heads-down tribe” on campus

(1) Interview/scale survey on mobile phone use behavior and musculoskeletal system discomfort of “heads-down tribe” on campus

(2) Research on the observation method of mobile phone use behavior of “heads-down tribe” on campus in different situations

(3) Surface electromyography experiments and upper limb musculoskeletal system discomfort scale evaluation of mobile phone use and operation of “heads-down tribe” on campus in different situations

5. Research on Human-Machine Interface satisfaction and interaction design and interface development

(1) The impact of advertising information and advertising presentation methods on WeChat/QQ/other APP advertising attention

(2) Research on eye movement of visual contrast and intent affecting the attention of advertising keywords

(3) The influence of visual guidance on the learning performance of multimedia teaching materials

(4) Research on eye movement of the homepage of the digital library on the visual attractiveness of young people

(5) Innovative design of E-commerce platform/mobile payment man-machine interface

(6) User interface design based on usability engineering

(7) Context-based student evaluation system interface development and design