Prepare for the Guidance on Three Discipline Competitions to be Launched Next Year

The 2020 freshmen have been enrolled for a few months, and the list of tutorial students has also been arranged. At the end of November, the first meeting of the 2020 tutorial students was arranged. On the meeting the history and development status of Industrial Engineering was mainly introduced, focusing on the analysis of the directions of Industrial Engineering and the research content, history and progress of Human Factors Engineering as an important research direction. My research direction was also briefly introduced. I explained to them that three universities currently cooperate with us adopting a joint training method with each team, which is not an official training program. If students are willing to train jointly with the three universities, they need to appropriately adjust the previously selected research direction according to the research focus of the university chosen. At the undergraduate level, according to the research focus and needs of the university, students should participate in scientific research training here, such as applying for SRTP and completing it on schedule, participate in related discipline competitions, experimental research and writing and publishing papers, etc., and participate in the research team for a period of time, preparing for later post-reduction or postgraduate entrance examination or employment.

As one of the important contents of the guidance work of the tutorial system, it guides students to participate in various discipline competitions and enhances their professional learning enthusiasm and initiative. Recently, students will be arranged to prepare for the “Challenge Cup” school-level competition to be launched at the end of this year and two discipline competitions to be launched next year. One is “National College Student Sports Industry Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition” to be launched in May or September next year. The other is “Tsinghua IE Bright Sword” contest that starts every October. The topic selection of this year’s “Challenge Cup” school-level competition is planned to continue on the basis of previous research, focusing on the use of mobile devices and the impact of MSDs. The topic on “National College Student Sports Industry Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition” is planned to carry out dynamic sitting research and design. It already has some design foundations in the past. It is necessary to further organize the design logic, that is, how to start from the theory and implement the design according to human factors design process specifications. The topic on “Tsinghua IE Bright Sword” competition is planned to carry out an investigation of chronic musculoskeletal injuries among heads-down tribes. In the three discipline competitions, students under the guidance of the tutorial system have been arranged as team leaders to start team formation and division of labor. I hope that with the joint efforts of everyone, there will be gains from next year.