One Story Of One Of My Friends who Is Well In English

He was a good student in his middle school study. But unfortunately, he went to CUMT like me with a high mark of the entrance exam.

One day in the first year of his study, I happened to see an English word book on his bed. And I asked him at that time he had seen the word book with Band-6. But he replied that the book was bought when he was still on the middle school of Grade one!

He was really excellent on English and he won the full mark of his CET Band-4. And even in the entrance exam of graduates, he got a high mark of English with 79! At last he went to Qinghua University.

In the story, I want to say that if you want to learn a foreign language well, you should learn it as early as possible especially in your high middle school, you should expand your word capacity which is a good chance with a good memory.

You might know the meaning of the story. And know the importance of word capacity. You can have a try and you would not be late at all! But the most important thing for you might be still the choices you should choose. You should think carefully before you make your own decision.

But remember that no matter how you can choose, I will always adhere to you and of course, you should tell me the latest news in this way on MSN.

Good luck to you and wish you happy all the day!


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  1. Ah! It’s the story you told me on MSN.
    I have decided to re-study.
    I will try my best to get a higher mark,and I believe I can.
    You graduated from CUMT,right?
    One of my friends is also admitted to  CUMT.What a coincidence!