A Simple Way to Download Courseware on Superstar Network Platform

After the start of the new semester, a new elective course needs to establish a Superstar network course, on which courseware in chapters will be uploaded. Because of time constraints, I want to directly refer to the courseware of other quality courses on Superstar platform. How can I download the course resources on Superstar platform simply and quickly? It can be done by referring to the simple method introduced in the article “简单下载超星学习通课程内的课件“.


1. Use the Chrome browser to open the page where you want to download the courseware.


2. Press “F12” to call up developer tools.


3. Press Ctrl+F to search for objectid on the Elements page, and then view the search results in turn.

Note: Multiple results may be searched. Please carefully check the resource type on the page displayed in the searched piece of code, whether it is a video resource (such as type: avi) or a courseware resource (such as type: pdf).


注意:可能会搜索到多个结果,请仔细查看搜索到的一段代码中显示的该页面中的资源类型,是视频资源(如type: avi)还是课件资源(如type: pdf)。

4. Copy the content behind the id.

The objectid of the PPT courseware in the figure below is “2f9f558646aa820574b694f737af261d”.



5. Open “http://d0.ananas.chaoxing.com/download/your copied content”, for example, the id of the PPT courseware in the figure above is 2f9f558646aa820574b694f737af261d, then open directly in the browser “http:// d0.ananas.chaoxing.com/download/2f9f558646aa820574b694f737af261d”. You can view it after downloading.