Building YukiDrive on Germany Permanent Free VPS EUserv

The previous blog post introduced the application and configuration method on Germany permanent free VPS EUserv. Today, I will explain how to build YukiDrive for this VPS, which is a file browsing program that supports Onedrive & SharePoint.

上一篇博文介绍了EUserv德国永久免费VPS的申请及配置方法,今天就针对该VPS说明如何搭建YukiDrive,一项支持Onedrive & SharePoint的文件浏览程序。

Originally, I planned to install WordPress again after configuring the VPS, but I felt that there was already a blog space. There was no need to repeat the construction. After carefully reading the “Big Bird Blog” blog posts on “Pagoda Panel”, considering that E5 still needs to be renewed, let’s call the API to build programs. Of course, the most used programs are those related to OneDrive. After referring to the blog post “宝塔面板安装YukiDrive – 支持Onedrive & SharePoint文件浏览程序” carefully, I started trying to build it.

原本在配置好该VPS后打算再安装WordPress,但又觉得已经有了一个博客空间,就不必再重复建设。仔细阅读“大鸟博客”关于“宝塔面板”的博文后,考虑到E5还需要续订,就再调用API搭建程序吧,当然使用最多的还是与OneDrive有关的程序。仔细参考博文“宝塔面板安装YukiDrive – 支持Onedrive & SharePoint文件浏览程序”后开始尝试搭建。

The detailed construction steps will not be repeated here. I will focus on several problems that occurred during the construction process and the solutions that I found out.


The first question: In the fourth step “New Site”, how to set the website to pure static? In fact, setting the “PHP version” to “Pure static” is only needed. How to apply for a certificate to open https? In fact, applying for a Let’s Encrypt certificate and enabling “Force HTTPS” are only needed in SSL.

第一个问题:第四步“新建站点”时,如何将网站设置为纯静态,其实只需要将“PHP版本”设置为“纯静态”即可;如何申请证书开启https,其实只需要在SSL中申请Let’s Encrypt证书并开启“强制HTTPS”即可。

The second question: After unzipping in the fourth step, pay attention to modify the folder name to “YukiDrive”.


The third question: In the fourth step of “starting the program”, you need to use Linux cd command to jump to the program directory in the SSH connection state before you can enter ./YukiDrive to start execution.


The fourth question: In the fifth step, when “500 error occurs when jumping to the callback address after authentication”, I directly executed the command and it had no effect. It could be in the “File” manager of the panel under the directory of /etc/pki/tls/, and found the cert.pem file and copied it to the /usr/local/openssl/ directory.


The fifth question: After clicking “Authentication” in the process of step 5 “Binding Account”, an authentication error of “AADSTS50011: The reply URL specified in the request does not match the reply URLs configured for the application: xxxx-xxxx” appeared. After careful investigation, it was found that the settings on both sides of the redirect URI were inconsistent. One was “your domain name” and the other was “localhost:1273”. My approach was to temporarily modify the redirect URI of the registered application to https://localhost:1273/api/admin/bind/new. Then I clicked “Authentication” and changed the beginning of the address in the browser bar to my domain name.

第五个问题:第五步“绑定账户”过程中点击“认证”后,出现“AADSTS50011: The reply URL specified in the request does not match the reply URLs configured for the application: xxxx-xxxx”的认证错误,经过仔细调查发现重定向URI的两边设置不一致,一边是“你的域名”,一边是“localhost:1273”,我的做法是将注册应用程序的重定向URI临时修改为https://localhost:1273/api/admin/bind/new,点击“认证”后将浏览器栏的地址开头修改为你的域名即可。

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